Thursday, April 27, 2006


Dealing with deadly different people around you!!


Wired old Uncle Tom, Dick and Harry…

“Oh, my God! Have u gained ur weight again??!!??”

“So what? Do u have any problem??”

This is the way u feels like replaying the Aunty Sita, Geeta or Rita! But instead u just meekly Smile and move off! Why can’t they simply say ‘Hallo’!

Welcome to the wired world of bad mouthers, blame shifters and boosters (or bast****!!)

In our day to day life we come across variety of people. Place a menu card and u have it! The one with tadkas, the delighted deserts, or just a plan dal!

Relatives! Some one have rightly said “Happy is he the one who have the relatives far apart!” Undoubtly true! I am not blaming any of my relatives but putting forward an in general case cause I my self is someone’s relative! ;)

Relatives are the people we r born with! So even though we feel affection for them or not it’s just we have to generous and really animated with them. Some times moving for a meet with such a folks, you just wonder to get off in the middle and change your name!!

Thought at family get together you feel your life is filled with joy, laughter and warmth but somewhere, somewhere at the corner of ur mind u smell the unusual smell of dread!

There r people who r just too sticky! Just wanna put u on the 7th, no no, the 70th cloud and just want to make u feel too means highly special! Just start to put u in air with words like, “Oh, what a beautiful ear-ring!”(When u knows that u got those ear-rings in Train for just 5 bucks!)!!! I say the Febicol Company can make heaven using them instead of there products!

Others r just the criticizing types or make be the ‘J’ for jealous types. They r just too envious cause, “someone in red is really looking gorgeous”!! Or sometimes in the get together it just happens that Uncle so and so will get drunk and start insulting!

Few r such a type they want to hail u to excellence so always on the track on giving u advices. Sometimes u feel, “Gosh, plz leave me alone. I too have mind. I too can think!” But that’s the way things works…

But here we r the experts! Staying with such a company we our self have gain the art of dealing with such a people that the spoken statement doesn’t much affect us!

But I confess, thought they have such a different characteristics u just find ur really very delighted being with them and all are not the typical types. Different people so different variety.

So being with relatives one just has to let things go as it is, even thought it requires a superhuman level of tolerance. But as I have said earlier it’s never with all…


  1. Different people so different variety.

    If u won't have a villain in life.. how will u know who's the superman?
    we meet these ppl everyday na.. everyone is not purrr-fect...

  2. I kinda missed the point here...

    Maybe Part II will explain!

  3. we need these kind of ppl in our everyday life... we learn lot of things from them...
    waiting for Part-2

  4. That's a great story. Waiting for more. »