Sunday, April 09, 2006


That’s it! Enough is enough! Highly tolerated! Now, no more!

Hallo dear ministers, wake up! The sun is high about the head! Have the government and the misters got insane?? Already there is a 27% reservation which is also indeed high and they want to make it 49.5%... Have they lost there mind??

Almost half of the reservation for this really qualifying institutes like IIM, IIT to these STs and SCs and OBCs! Do u really think these people who can’t score great in there basic test can pass with flying colors in the really difficult exams? DO u think they can Shine India on the International ground? Or will shed India with Shame? Do u think they really require the reservation? What have others done then to call as this highly privileged caste? Is it a crime that we are born in so and so caste?? When God himself created people with no discrimination then why should u and I??

If we are going for reservations on communal and caste bases, we swamp the bright and talented people and remain second rated or even third rated. We want my country to be first class country. This reservation is nothing but a big blot on Indian system! It really sucks to have such a ridiculous system! Gone are those days when low caste had no opportunities; and now!!! Being a low caste it’s a great opportunity and a great privilege really!!!

What’s going on? I say, give fee reduction to the poor and deprived people. All should be on bases of merit not on caste and creed! Tell me who I am? Am I a city dweller or a village inhabitant? Am I a Hindu or a Muslim? Am I a SC, ST or Brahmin? I am proud to say I am nun of it!! But let me be more proud saying I am an Indian! What’s the use of reciting the pledge years after year in the school when the government who introduced it itself is disobedient? Because when we are out of our School days through with the pledge we have to fill the college form answering those filthy questions saying who am I?? Please stop this discrimination! Lets live brothers and sisters and more important as Indian!

Caste discrimination is a Big CRIME.
We are not going to just sit and stare.
We are going to agitate.
BEWARE after all we are from the age of ‘'Rang De Basanti'.


  1. Yes .... u pointed out rightly!!!
    If IITs and IIMs do have caste reservations then ulitmately the education system going to become detrimental for nation's progress. The system on its own will be responsible to produce substandard leaders.
    We, so called Pillars of this Nation, must volunteer the responsibilty and fight with the system...else there wont be much difference in British (b4 independence) and the current Govt.

  2. I absolutely agree.. with you...

  3. You just wrote whats top on every average indian's mind. Well said.

  4. I absolutely agree with you,we should move forward from ages of reservation not to the backwards...........
    But sadly government doesn't considers it

  5. the decision taken by the givt is pathetic... it is said that in our country the backward class people are given ltd. growth oppt. but by this decision of the govt it is quite proved that we are the ultimate one's who will suffer the most... the bill should noit be passed...

  6. "All should be on bases of merit not on caste and creed"
    What is merit? consider two students.
    student A lives in Malabar Hill, only child, parents graduate, goes to 10 classes and secures 82% marks.
    Student B lives in Poisar (slums), does the daily chores in the house, parents are illiterate and secures 81% marks, whom so you think is more meritorious?

    This merit argument is very good and a practical soluiton but actually fails because the means used to measure the merit are inadequate.

    The challenge is to improve the supply of good educational institutes (y do we have just 7 IITs or comparable institutions?) or the case be of jobs and access to other instruments of socio-economic development.

    The day we have a demand-supply match and also the quality parity set right, the reservation policy will become unnecessary. The policy has beeen implemented to hedge a portion of the scarcely available service.

    By the way, do u know that one of the person who has commented on this post has refused to avail the reservations despite being eligible for the same; and I take this opportunity to convey my respect to him for being bold and courageous.

  7. yeah... I hear you.. the same opinion here too...

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