Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hi ppl!

I am back!!

Where have I been?? What’s the reason for this long silence? Then let me tell you that I was damm busy with my coll, with my studies, with my friends, with my family and with every minute detail in my life! In short I didn’t have time to blog!

Well in this case I am telling a lie!! A big fat lie!! I was doing nothing but lazing around! With all my routine and the relaxation I didn’t find tome to blog up!
I was sleeping,
I was lazy,
I was dreaming!
But just not blogging!

But now I am complete geared up! (Hopefully)
Now complete in a mood!
Now complete in a josh!
Now complete in a josh…just to blog!
Which I was missing a lot!

SO ppl watch out!
I am here…
I am back …!

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