Saturday, August 11, 2007


The monsoon season. On Friendship day. A crowed train. Drizzling rain. Misty evening. Damp floor. Dripping umbrellas. Wet raincoat. Drenched he. Soaked she. Silent words from he to she,
“I trust u. believe in u…believe u…believe u that u will be with me…with me…till the end”

Soft smiles and glowing eyes. What else they need!

Small words aren’t it?? Short sentences rite? But an emotion attached. A feeling linked. Trivial incident… yet significant. Makes ur day…makes ur life meaningful…make u to live life…love life.

Small things, really petty and puny brings wide smile on faces. They seems to be really insignificant, so trivial, so trifle such that the 3rd person observing may not understand the real meaning.

Those tiny-winy minute things brings such a joy and sweetness so that life seems to be sizzling and sparkling…life finds complete new meaning…a complete new horizon as if the window has blown open and is bringing in the enlarged frontier to explore…

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