Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Formal educational credentials should be the most important factor in hiring employees.”

Year 2009; Obama, President of United States of America,stated that, "dropping out from high school is not at all the option for America. If they drop out they not only fail them self but they fail for the country also". Thus he recommended that ever Americans should have the formal educations for the progress not only on the personal level but also for there own country. Thus I strongly believe in the statement of president Obama as agree that, formal education is must for every individual for better job prospectus.

Imaging a professional like a doctor, pharmacist or layer without the formal education are practicing?? Then, what a devastating out come would it be!! Thus to ever job there should be some formal education criteria in selection so that the person employed should have the proficiency to exhibit the required task. Without initial education there the task giving to the hired employed cant be effective as required. Thus it will lead to late submissions and will leads to deterioration of the organization name.

Other than the education background other skill should also be testified at the same time. For eg. in todays organisations the employer expect the employee to have skill of leadership, problem solving attitude, inclination towards team work etc. Thus, these skills also should be taken in to consideration at the same time with the educational criteria. In some organisations if the person is lacking in these skill but is profound with his education qualification then the organization spend some time and money for the employee to acquire those skills. But this is simply possible when the a good base is formed that is with formal education.

When its comes to the higher level position like managers then the work experience should also be taken in to consideration. The experience he had in the past can help the organization to climb the ladder of success. But one have to note that the experience the employee have received with the base of formal education itself.

Thus i want to conclude by saying that education plays the most important criteria in the process of hiring the employees. But education hand in hand when it is collaborated with so softs skills and experience makes an ultimate employee.

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