Thursday, October 21, 2010

Of all, manifestation of power restrain in use of all that power is acclaimed…

Manifestation of power essential means that the people who are acclaimed and admired in the society are powerful and thus this class of the society can use their power and fame for spectrum of gains. But the question is this manifestation of power always acclaimed?? I believe on the fact that hold back of power will help to increase praised from the people from difference walk of the society.

The example that we all have been connected through is, the movies that we see as an entertainment. What we witness in the movies is the “vengeance” factor plays the important role. The person who has been discriminated fights again the powerful but evil-minded villain for freedom and truth. When finally the truth triumph the leading hero will restrain the manifestation of the power and thus he will be highly praised and respected. This simple illustration will help us that restrain of manifestation of power is more appreciated.

The other best example of the restrain of power is that of Mahatma Gandhi, the preacher of peace. During the Indian Independence period he was the most powerful leader. He had been such a powerful persona that each word of his was taken as command. Yet he restrains his manifestation of power and followed the path of harmony and brought the independence by sending the message of peace all over the world.

Hadn’t the Germany restrained the power of manifestation then never there would have been the World War II. Thus the person who preaches peace and humanity is acclaimed and loved the most rather than manifesting the power.

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