Monday, January 03, 2011

!..11 Wishes for New Year '11..!

1. Admission in a good US university for MS in Pharmaceutics.

2. Peaceful and happy acceptance of mom and dad to my stable and committed  life.

3. Weight loss of almost 10 kg for a slim trim personality

4. Acquire an art form like dancing, singing or music. 

5. Develop inner soul with yog, pranayam, slok pathan and jap. 

6. Put a full stop to my crabby nature and enjoy life like a party.

7. Be independent with secure job.

8. Learn to do what MY heart says not others hearts says. 

9. Formulate my own Pharmaceutical products.

10. Learn to cook purn-poli.

11. Last but not the least maintain my blog properly. 

So what are your wishes for this new year???...


  1. ALl the best with all ur wishes...esp the weight loss ones...lots of sympathies on that one :D

  2. Hope all your wishes get fulfilled... :)And when you learn puran poli, do let us know... :D

  3. May all your wishes come true and rock the GRE. All the best. Have a wonderful year. :)

  4. Happy '11 to ya Pri! :) May all ur dreams come true!


  5. @nuttie: I know I will require those wishes sp. for that 1!!

    @Tanishka: Sure sure... ll invite u for the meal!

    @Ajay: thx dear and happy new year to u too!!

    @Keshi: Happy new year 2 u too!!

  6. Hi, Was surprised to hear from someone as young as you. My wish for the new year is for a corruption free government, with young educated people with a vision running our country.
    Also, Happy Many New years to you, and total success in all your dreams and goals in your life.

  7. hey Priyanka
    Happy New Year
    Mine-here it is, Learn to say No, Become more confident,publish my novel,make a short film,learn driving,travel:)

  8. @rama: Thx a lot for such a sweet and hearty wishes... And wish u the same!
    Well, talking bout ur wishes, in my prospective "Corruption free govt." is just next to impossible in India. Its the root itself which is corrupt..then talking bout the the entire tree, what can v say here!!!

    Talking bout the vision for our country.. like APJ Abdul Kalam said by 2020 we can really look forward for a prosperous and educated nation!

    Anyway happy new year to u !

    @vishal: LEarn to say also apply s with me... I just stated it as "Follow my HEart!!"
    Publishing ur own novel... that really does sounds cool... I will surely b 1 who will buy it!
    Learn driving: Its an enjoying experience.. have fun... I m doing the same these days!!
    Short film: Will I get a role???
    Travel: O I love it 2... where r u going??... Let me know I will join u!!

    Let this new year fulfil all the wishes!

  9. May all your wishes come true! :D
    Btw, I had to wait for my boss to go to read your blog, it's so colorful and pretty, but it attracts his attention :(
    Oh, and I am total Puran poli fan!

  10. Wow. That is a very good list. :))) I like your blog.

  11. @di: I am so sorry!! But couldn't help it!! I hope ur boss did like it 2! And yes thx for the appreciation!!

    @ A: thx a lot!! keep coming in!

  12. hahaha..
    m sure all of us can readily identify ourselves with all the points mentioned here :)
    i especially liked the 2nd one.. looking at the picture i thought u'd say peace n happiness fr the world :P i grinned a big grin later.
    all the best with all ur wishes :) do keep us posted !!

  13. @ S: in fact point 2 is the motto of the year!! will surely keep u updating!!
    keep coming in !