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Good Bye 2010…

As we have crossed the threshold of 2010, I have decided to launch a series called as “Good Bye 2010” reviewing what had happened in the last year with a series of posts!! And what can be more attractive and happening for an Indian blogger to start its series other than our very own “Bollywood”.
As we all have been bitten by the big Bollywood bug and our era doesn’t end without those contemporary latkas and jhatkas I present the “Bollywood- Hollywood of India” as the icebreaker of the series!!

Part I

Bollywood- The Hollywood of India!!!

Starting with, let’s peep in the report card of the Bollywood in year 2010.  

I would remark it as “A spicy masala year”. Rarely there was a sight of any movie which had open message to the viewer… Almost all the movie ended up with heroism, dance masti, and item songs!! Specially the sexy and rhythmic “Munni” and “Shaila”!!

The year had total 121 (Please correct me if I am wrong!!) Hindi film releases. But the commercial and the critical successful films just form about 9% from the total.  Among the year's highest-grossing films were Dabangg, Golmaal 3, Raajneeti, My Name is Khan, Houseful, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, I Hate Luv Storys, Tees Maar Khan and moderately successful films, such as Anjaana Anjaani, Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?, Badmaash Company, Ishqiya, and Peepli Live.

 Bollywood have set new mile stones in the year 2010 leading to boost the prestige further more of the highest earned Industry in India.

The biggest Blockbuster Hits of the season, no points for guessing, has been Salman Khans Dabangg with almost 300% profit returns much more than the 3 Idiots of the previous year fame in first week! Dabangg went on to break many collection records previously held by 3 Idiots, netting 14.5 crore on its opening day, 49.11 crore in its opening weekend and 80.87 crore in its first week of business, and is currently the second highest-grossing Bollywood film of all time in India. This film did work smashing economically with its leading female heart throb of the nation Salman Khan in an action cop role and also ameliorated its fans & followers with the audacious performance of the most sexist mom of Indian cinema “Munni”- the gorgeous Malaika Arora Khan!! Also potent actress Sonakshi Sinha was launch with Dabangg.

Furthermore, Golmaal-3 became the 4th film to cross the 100 crore mark in Bollywood and the second largest hit of the year. This was the first time when two Bollywood films in one year grossed more than 700 crores!! Rajneeti was the third biggest hit of the year and missed the 100 crore mark by just around 7 crores. This multi starrer film was the highest grossing film of the year till Dabangg and Golmaal 3. Tees Maar Khan didn’t do grand like expected except the with the item number of India version of Barbie Doll- Katrina Kaifs’ sizzling “Shaila Ke Jawan”!! Thus, the year formed splendid for the chorographer Farah Khan with her two major hits “Munni” and”Shaila”!!! Other medium budge film did surprising well with its story line and performance was Ishqiya(forming first hit of the year), Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge, Udaan, Tere Bin Laden and Band Baaja Baarat(And even Love Sex and Dhoka worked!!).

But at the same time there were lots of disappointments as many big shot name failed to create the charisma on the box office and thus the films crashed with no traces. One of such film is undoubtedly Hrithik Roshan's Kites, presenting Mexican zing Barbara Mori which was more likely the name “kati patan” which crashed well before it raised high up in the air!! Likewise Guzaarish was another failure for the actor in the year. And for the actress Ash fans with continuous flops like Action Replayy, Ravan, Robot and Guzaarish created havoc among the audience the she no more had the grace and the charisma (Not the actress Kharisma) after getting married!! More than the actors, it was the top named directors who failed to do well this year. Anurag Basu(Kites), Mani Ratnam's (Ravan), Sanjay Leela Bhansali's (Guzaarish) and Vipul Shah (Action Replayy).

Bollywood is never complete with its filmy songs and thus in year 2010, there were more of the feet tapping songs than the incredible films. The full credit goes to their music directors and the singers of the particular song. There were songs like “Munni” and “Shaila” which kept the adrenaline gushing in high speed, romantic numbers like “pee loon” and “dil tho bachha hai jee”, fun folk lore like “gal mitthi mitthi bo”l, remixes like “dhanno”, disco number like “uff teri ada”, heart touching songs like “bin tere”, “sajda” and “zindagi do pal ke”, karaoke songs like “rote kyko hum” and such many more songs! Thus year 2010 offered a wide range of Bollywood acoustics ranging from soft humming numbers to the raunchy urban beats!!

Like ever year the industry have entertained us thoroughly with its comedy, action, drama, thrillers, horror, romance, lust, animation and many more on the list and hoping that like every year in 2011 it will continue growing and entertaining viewers with its dynamic and spicy varieties.

PS: The facts and details are collected from Wiki, TOI, Bollywood Hungama and Bollystreet.


  1. DEAR ALL:

    PLz be free to suggest different sub titles for my good bye 2010 series!
    I have done bollywood.. will do politics, events and personal events!!
    So do u have any special sub heading so that I can write on??
    do suggest!!

  2. Hey priyanka
    A well detailed info on movies. A correction,though, Robot did well. I believe Guzaarish is a masterpiece.A pity that it didn't do well.It's way beyond BO. Kites was bad. An example of a script gone wrong and badly edited stuff. On the whole,brilliant piece.
    Keep it up.

  3. Pompous writing?

    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Do you read much? Then you might want a sub title on Books.

    ...and don't forget a title for underwater ships.

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  5. Waah! What a detailed analysis! :D
    For me, the best movie of the year was "Phas Gaye re Obama". Hands down winner! :D
    I also liked Peepli Live!

  6. wonderful analysis!
    i dont watch many movies but now i have a reference point to talk about thanks to you!

  7. I love reading any analysis related to Bollywood. So this was fun!

  8. hey sweets, a very nice post indeed, you can write on sports as well since it was quite a big thing and success in the last year!

    i have sent you the time traveller's wife (ebook) on your hotmail id! that was the only one i could spot in your profile! incase you havn't received it, get back to me! tc

  9. @Vishal: thx for the appreciation!
    Robot did well but i guess compared to Shivaji of the Rajni fame it didn't work that great!! Thou it was a good entertainer!
    I dont know bout Guzarish cause personally I haven't cn d movie..!!
    What to say bout Kites!!!! It really did su****!! I wasted my big green note to watch it as a premier!

    @Muddleglum: Pompous means bombastic!! And I really do feel I am bit like that!! thou I am not sure!! I am sorry but I didn't get u when u were talking bout the ships!
    Anyway keep visiting!

    @preeti: Yes in fact the low budget film were gr8 entertainer this year!Thx keep coming!

    @magiceye: Great!! My blog is at some use then!!

    @pepper: Enjoy and keep coming!

    @SEPO: yes of course I will be doing that too very soon.. Sports will be the next I guess!!
    And thx a lot I did received the book!! Waiting to get my hands on it... but cant do till exams r over!!

  10. wowow I must say u been busy getting all that info on all the films .. I dont have that much patience to get all that info...

    I loved dabangg one of the movies i saw in a cinema hall here in uk, actually thats the only hindi movie i have seen in a cinema last year .. and it was a good choise me and my cousins we actually danced in the hall ..

    Loved the small budget movies Athithi tum kab jaoge was good , Udaan and bin laden were excellent... and Ishqiya was goood toooo ..

    Not impressed with ravaan at all and other two i have not seen i guess GOOd i dont have ot waste time in it ...

    an excellent Review :)


  11. Wwwoohhooo... What a detailed analysis of bollywood... Now this is what I all research... Enjoyed reading it.... :)

    Your idea of the 2010 series quite interesting... will be looking forward to read more of it... :)

    Hey just one suggestion, if possible even cover fashion and trends in one of your post and also one on Music... :)

  12. Great to connect with you !! ! You have a super cool blog here !

  13. "...and don't forget a title for underwater ships."
    "I didn't get u when u were talking bout the ships!"

    "Not just ships," Muddleglum gently explained as he placed a helmet on his head, "but underwater ships. Subs. You know, Sub titles. Isn't that what you requested?"

    My friends often call me Mud for short.

  14. Besides Once Upon a Time in Mumbai and Ishqia, no other good movie was released in 2010.

    Though hit in India, Dabang and Golmaal were pretty senseless and useless movies.

  15. @bikramjit: thx a lot for appreciation!!
    Dabangg was the best in 2010 sp. cause of the reason mentioned! Personally I loved Atithi and Aisha!!

    @tanishka@ Sure I will make throu research in ur stated topics and present it!!

    @Kavi: The pleasure is whole mine!!

    @Mud: thx! its so sweet of u but bit of correction... I am looking fw for sub title for my blog series GOODBYE 2010... means I have written on Bollywood now and I will be writing bout politics and sports as the sub-title. I am requesting u that if u want me 2 do research on any other topic related to 2010 it will be pleasure for doing it for u!!

    @A; Even I thought Golmaal was bit senseless.. but as that movie was released in vacation timing and there was no other movie in the theatere for the viewer they opted for Golmaal and thus it became super hit!!

  16. A really nice round up of the film scene. Unfortuantely I have stopped watching films these days becasue I find that they are not something I am able to relate to . This is really strange considering that I used to be a Hindi film addict. I think films are made more with the NRI market in mind than us poor folks in India and comedy .. my god I have to wonder when one laughs. Golmal a film by that name was made ages ago and made us laugh so much but this one.. The less said about it the better!

  17. @meerasrajan: I totally agree with u sp. bout Golmal!!!
    few films like My name is khan, Houseful, Anjana Anjani did reaally aimed for the overseas market and there they really did a success!

    But short budgets like Peeplee live, Ishqiya did wonders in India!!

    Anyway, keep coming in!