Saturday, December 24, 2005

Day Dreamz!

My teacher thinks, I am listening,
But I’m in Disney Land,
With Mickey and Minnie,.
Or thinking what I will do in year coming round.
I am on top of the world,
Or swimming in a Pacific Ocean.
I am purchasing a lion as a pet,
Or driving an airplane.

My teacher thinks, I am listening,
But no!
I’m working as Prime Minister,
Or acting in movies ( with Abhishek and Rani)
I am dancing on a spring
Bouncing and Spinning.
Or just tickling the world.
I am sometimes the witch with Harry Potter
Casting spells on frogs and toads.

I know I have been day dreaming.
But when I woke up
The tea time bell was ringing

Miss Priyanka Pathak.
(Daffodils cheeks)

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