Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy New Year!

With GREAT RESPECT, WITH GREAT LOVE, I welcome you all with all my heart.

Yahoo! Hurray! It’s begun! We’ve crossed the threshold! Here we are in the moonlit new year of 2006. It’s so new. It’s so bright. It’s so transparent. It’s so tender. It’s so caring. It’s so mysterious. It’s delightful. It’s promising. It is sparkles with good humor. It’s so shimmering. It is melodious. It is precious. It carries deep wisdom like the moonlit every year. It is as unique as every other New Year.

Anyway, when the year actually changes, what really happens? But obvious, we too travel with time. It feels great, doesn’t it? Time is such great revealer, such a wise teacher (but unfortunately it kills all its pupils!), such a glorious asset. Time is a sweet companion or sometimes a solid scold. Time is a lover. Time is a secret (Beware you are in for SCARE!). Time is ever playful, ever open and expansive. Time, the great equalizer, resonates with the Truth.

When you are unhappy, times appears to be long. Do recollect the time sitting for an extended, chewing gum type of monotones lecture?!!?
When you are happy times appears to be too short. At this instant, you feel time is great illusion and lunch time doubly so!!
When mind is dull or unconscious we are unable to experience time. Just give a marathon run and sleep, and then doesn’t the bed seem to be too cozy?? Hush! You’re certainly going for a slumber with not even a tiniest idea of time.
When you feel time is too short then your certainly are restless (or may be too much aware).What the heck, why do the exams comes so soon; I have to study this, write this, by heart this and bla bla bla. Oh, don’t you feel just a week God just a week, I just can’t manage time. OR is it that I am going to take time management lesson just as soon as I can work it in to my schedule!!
When you feel time is too long you are really going to feel miserable (or you may be a bit more too keen type of person.) Don’t you recollect that class-8 or 9, Geometry exam or your Engg. Exam and the person in front of you are writing in a gush and you’re just doing nothing other that playing with your erasers and pencils. How do u feel then...
When you are ahead of time it’s really dragging and boring. For that then simply try being punctual (that too is really sufficient enough in today’s world)!! And when the time is ahead of you! Phew!! You’re just shocked and surprised. But I think no man goes before time. Ask why?? Because the man’s boss don’t leave him early!! (I know, its a fully faltoo PJ! Ok let’s get going further.)
BUT WHEN you are in high spirits (I just can’t guarantee bout being drunk) and in love (Oh, my my my ...) you simply don’t feel the time. In fact you feel you are the time and events happen in you, just as if the clouds come and go in the sky.

Isn’t it wonderful just to travel with time? When you flow with time, you are not rushing towards the next event. You are not always thinking there is something better waiting just around the end. Nor do you drag your feet, trying to cling to memories of the good old days. (Or do we??) When you are in sync with time, you know you are in the right place, at the right tune, and with the right people. When you move with time, your wisdom grows to elevated pinnacle.

New Year is such a special time, it thought happen (may be for first few days of the so called as New Year but it does happen OK??!) you woke up and your inner courage steeping up to take the re-evolve old but presented in a brand new box of gold and steel to mark the line of New Years Resolution. With setting up the rules and the regulations and all the set of laws of “Ring in the New and Ring out the Old” your heart get contented and you feel have tasted the nectar to achievement to carry out the task set ahead of you even thought your not at all sure of the triumph till the next new year!! BUT still we all are so immersed in the delicious pool of contentment that ever New Year seems like a fragrance silky jasmine breeze.

Further as the year goes by our zooming jet of spirit, enthusiasm, eagerness, zeal, zest of passion for fulfillment of the Resolution fade by just as the old memories. And that’s the world proclaim secret of these so called as Resolution.
For some time is such a great gifted window that it opens and extensive opportunities to look in to the oozing avenues of its future. For some time is just a 9 to 5 dull and droning job. For some it could be a black blank page just as we have witnessed in the past with the Tsunami, the floods and the rains.

Thus time is nothing but FATE which unrevils its new page everyday.

SO, may the all mighty bless you with well organized time and bring joy and happiness to you in the New Year and make your ride of life flourishing and blooming.

Thus I end my this piece of work by giving a salute to TIME which has been given the apex degree of divine by saying,


  1. Yaa,I too feel it same...


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  3. Nayaa Saal Mubaarakho Priyanka Ji!!!
    Naye saal mein sab ki manokaamna puri ho...aur saara jab hasta khelta khush rahe...

  4. hey priyanga,
    thanks for visiting mine..didnt mind ur comments are always welcome.u can visit my other site too

  5. Time is the 4th dimension!
    Time is not god....its relative and its manipulative.
    Also...Time is a great song by Pink Floyd!


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  8. Khuda ni lakheli kistmat gamati nathi | Saru thayu ke koi Isaane Isaan ni Takdeer lakhi nathi ||

    Means: khuda ki likhi hu e Takdeer hamko pasand nahi aati | Achha hua kisi Isaan ne Isaan ki Takdeer Likhi nahi :-) Have a gt8 year ahead! Cheers