Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Triumph and tragedy Year 2005

2005 signified the beginning of a new era. This was a year which saw new icons claim their spot in the limelight while older ones started fading away. It was a year of unending successes for some & never-ending struggle for some. But I guess that happens every year!

For some the year was full of empowerment & enlightens but for some the year was of embarrassment & really ekes! Some had gained a lot other had bundles of pain! Some shined high at the apex some hid then down under the pillow with shame! On some peoples face a huge smile was bestowed and others even sight to have been suppressed. Thus year was rapchi blend of gali and tali!!

Who was hero in 2005? Manmohan Singh? Or, was it Nitish Kumar? Amitabh Bachchan? Shah Rukh Khan? Dhoni or Sania Mirza?
Well I think the real champions are The Singhs!!(??). I mean Mahendra Singh Dhoni and the other SMS! So sorry! Other respected Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh!
Talking about India, my very own motherland then I could possibly suggest that certainly it is on the successful path of empowerment. Firstly, true confession to the leader of our country that they have done a splendid job. The combo of Manmohan Singh and A.P.J. Abdul KAlam has really been a boon to the country. Yes, Mr. Manmohan Singh has also proved himself who has successfully monitoring and running the Government by crossing each and every difficulty by using his brain and support of the honorable Precedent Kalam. Though I am illiterate in Indian politics but the daily newspaper provided us the needful. And business!! I can say this so just because of the Indian sensex is racing towards the sky limits! Cheerio! (Don’t forget the gold price also!!) I don’t know mucho about this but reading the daily broadsheet I have understood that economy had great year in terms of growth. The stock market reached unpredictable heights and India has been hot new destination for foreign investments! Hurray!
Politics took critical twists and turns in this year. 2005 is year to remember as an end of Lalu raj and victory of Nitish Kumar. Lalu raj which has there for number of years is finally getting a message from public! Fall of Lallu & Rabri raj....better late than never! Now, again the British concept of “Divide and Rule” (though not exactly!?!) is vastly emerging. Few of the examples are given by, by the two Ambani brothers- Anil and Mukesh plus the colonial cousins Raj and Uddhav THakheray!

Anyway, 2005 saw Sania Mirza, Abhishek Bachchan, Amitabh Bachchan, MS Dhoni. Irfan Pathan, John Abraham, Akshay Kumar and others rule the roost. Yester year celebrities like Sachin(though recently he broke a record!) & Shah Rukh Khan saw a relatively stagnant year, while it saw the beginning of the end of the Saurav Ganguly era (Though he commanded 75% of the media space & people attention span!).
The concept of bubbly fun filled film like “Bunty Aur Babli” proved to be a great entertainer. The phehali of the film “Phehali” nominated to Oscars is stilled to be solved! And the serious and the sensuous formula of “Black” impacted on youth the importance of the “3-Ds”that are dedication, determination and devotion.

Year 2005 is the best example to prove “Nature Rules”!! The year has proven in obvious but domino effect that global warming is slowly but surely spreading its wrath on the common man!! The worst snowfall in Jammu and Kashmir in quite sometime, the worst rainfall of the century in Mumbai, the worst floods in many years in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, terrible earthquake on the border or Indo-Pak -- to give a few examples!! Its high time every individual started believing in the biggest challenge that mankind is going to face otherwise The Day After Tomorrow may just be a block away!!

And what was the moment you remember most -- in joy, grief, anything -- from the year slipping by? The day of the Delhi blasts? Or the day India won the Test Series against Sri Lanka?? Tattoos... I-pods... Camera cell phones… MMS…? Or that irritating Aashiq banaya aapne ring tone? ? And many more hip-happening event…

ON personal fond, the year 2005 was the worst year. The year that I will never ever forget in my life. Many things took place for first time and by and large the downbeats. I hope the New Year 2006 will come with joy, progress and new achievements not only for me, but for you and to everyone.

Summerizing the whole year-

Take a chill pill 2005.... cheerio 2006
Highlights of 2005
Earthquakes and floods.....PRAY to GOD so that it never happens
Sania Mirza and Dhoni ....youth icon
Economy....good growth
kajra re, Abhishek Bachhan.....good entertainer
Fall of Lallu & Rabri....better late than never!!

Thus, the year all together brought cheers with tears, shine with shame and Triumph with tragedy!!!


  1. according to me,lalu's the real hero of 2005.for 2004 it was undoubtedly avnish bajaj.

    came thru sujith's blog.drop into mine sometime.

  2. Will remember 2005 for all the excessive water supply. Pretty tragic, but I guess everything is forgotten around new year for a fresh start. And blog oftner will you? Been coming back to this thing for like four days.