Tuesday, March 28, 2006


This incident took place almost a month ago. I was sitting in my room getting my brain twisted in my Physics Problems. Even the nabours murmur and the children’s shouts disturbed my concentration and then instantly I used to get aggressive and throw tantrums and talk on my tedious and tension’s terminals approaching.

Suddenly, in this clamor and clatters some other mode of sound appeared. Something that’s different than the before. Something really sweet, something really soothing, some thing that made my heart sing!

It was a drift of ‘flute’. I wondered over the marvel of the tune. The admiration and astonishment built up my awe to find out who the worthy was! Gushing up and down in my apartment just trying to figure out who the unusual was! Then, getting on the streets freely wondering just like the wind with no botheration of world around me just abut the ‘tune’ rushing from the old classics to the new ‘dhin-chak’! Slowly the tune grew louder and louder… As the melody approached nearer and nearer the tussle to get familiar with the person cropped up.

There! There! There at the corner of the street! He was an old man, dressed in rags. (I though may be beggar!!!) Yet a mild but modest smile boasted on the timid face. But where was the flute?? In his one hand swung a plastic bag smudged with soil and dust and in other hand, all I could see is about 2 inch cane piece and blows it by mouth and a melodious tune stirred in the air!

I approached the man and asked the person what the thing was? Quickly he digged in the bag and got the instrument. It was about 2 inch in length and 1 inch in breadth. It had two cane pieces tied up together one above other and sandwiched in between is a small sheet of rubber. Hold it lengthwise in front of the mouth and just give a blow! And then a lovable tune will arise!

I awarded the person with 10 bucks for his invention and incredible sense of music! In return he gave me back 5 bucks and gave the tiny thing without a word. I merrily toddled was way back joyous but blowing the thing just like the dragon horn! Hopefully none of my friends were around to see my childish behavior.

Later on when I came home my Physics Problems were no more a problem but I become a terrible problem to my mother’s head-ache with the tiny thing!


  1. tats cool... flute is one of my personal fav. classical instrument

  2. So buying a flute... Gets rid of Physics...

    Hey It's not childish behaviour..Its just the Happiness.. in us..

  3. ya its not a childish behavior.....
    its jus expression of hapiness....
    and no can hide it though they may be in watever position......