Thursday, March 23, 2006

Review of the book - ‘The Alchemist’.

By- Paulo Coelho

Recommended to all the dreamers!

Almost after a year I have touched some other book other than my diseased T.B., yes the Text Books! The book played a vital role in my journey from Manali to Delhi. But moreover the book has played a more significant role in my life.

This is a magical fable about following ur Dreamz (just like my Blog!). It’s a journey of a simple shepherd boy from his Home in Spain to Egypt in search of worldly treasure.

The story teaches us the essential wisdom of listening to our hearts, learning to read omens along life path and above all following our dreams. It inspires us to follow our dreams by seeing world throught ur eyes and not someone else’s!

I would say, Paulo Coelho through his prestigious writing have an impressing impact on my mind and just have put back a broad shimmering smile on my face. This book has changed my way of looking at people. One thing which I have cultured and which was “must”, the most essential in my life is “LIFE MUST GO ON”! We meet loads of people in our life but it’s next to impossible that we stay forever with each of them. Yes it is true, people make impression and impacts on our mind and thoughts but it is not necessary that v have to be ought to be with them for rest of the life. They r part of our story doing there little role and helping us to follow our own dreams and if there role ends there then… that’s what the script demands. There is no need to be emotional about it and shed tears just because all depends on “Muktab”, the destiny!


  1. Nice article... waiting to get my hands on the book

  2. am not a book worm as such, but yes, many of my frnds told me to read this book and after reading this review i`ll surely 'try' to read it...
    interesting blog...