Thursday, March 16, 2006

HOli Day!

Now that’s the title that seems to be just as the previous post of my but remember that there is a space in between the two words Holi AND Day.

Anyway, Happy (belated or can it be in advanced ;)) Holi to u everyone!

Well we do celebrate this festival with all pomp and gust but do we really know what’s the real meaning of the festival. Well I will give u a brief idea on it. Yes I wont hog-pog u people with lengthy lectures as we our self know how much v love the enlighten talks(!!!) but being the true Indian I think v should all know the importance of this jolly and jovial gala other that the water spill and the colors! I will be really brief really swear…

The colorful festival of Holi, literally means 'burning', is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Phalguna and herald the onset of spring season. Holi is the time when people from all castes and social strata come together forgetting all past differences and grievances. Now (as we all know or to the foreigner who visits my blog!!) this festival is celebrated with the use of color and water throwing on each other. This is last of all Indian festival.

So that was the really brief bout the festival. Anyway, I had real fun real carnival on the day. Almost after 3 years I have been on ground to play the color and just had blast. This was my fist holi in my new dwelling. So I didn’t had mucho past grievances with anyone but made lots of new friends. Tough I don’t know if I would recollect everyone by there faces as all were in red, green, yellow, pink and gold and silvers but will soon get accustomed to them when I will meet them once again in there normal looks. But I thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.

But the worst part was being in the bathroom for almost a film show removing the colors thought the traces are still visible. And moreover the tanned body and worst hair is just killing me. God knows when it will be back to normal. But I think that’s what u has to pay off for the tremendous zestful time one has!

Anyway, keep looking at my blog as I may (in fact I should though I have to prepare for my entrances) be posting frequently.



  1. huppy holi days. great post.

  2. Hi

    Good to see that you having good time out here. But things are good here too. I got to celebrate holi but it's nothing like having it with your friends...

    MIssed India a lot...

    Hope you had a good time.. Thanks fo visiting my blog..