Thursday, March 16, 2006


The horizon was tingling red. With the company of “Paulo Coelho”, “Alchemist”, (the boy who traveled) and my ears eavesdrop on the jingle such as …

“O yoyo, its ur Birthday… (50 cents)”
“Tere leya hum hai jeeyee (Veer-Zaara)”
“Kajra re… (The hit)”
“Ye tere akhiya… (Punjab mix)”

The roads had lots of twists and turns just as the boy’s life in the book. The lavender air gushed in my FREE soul of the moving van in the deep but beautiful valley and titanic view of the river “Beas”. Free just because I have just finished my exams, free because YO man I am on Vacation!! Guess where…

U may be thinking just as the Preeti Zinta says in Salaam Namaste... “Whats going on…???...” Then hold on I am here to clarify ur all doubts. OK lets go systamatic…

4th March end of my exams. O ya the exams went really well. All my efforts paid offf! Phew!!!

ON 4th March itself I set of to the greatest time of my life, towards the north to Simla-Kullu-Manali!!

Here I go!! Set on fligt to Delhi at night late 1130-0000. Was in air after almost 6years so was really facinted with the view of the eluminted Mumbai. Different radiant of light with different colour, wavelenght, amplitude & frequency.(Oh man am I so influneced by my Physics using such words??!!?? Anyway…) Infact a travellers delight to see such a fantastic bright--- my city Mum-bhai!

Next day morning set from Delhi seeing Raj Ghat ,Red fort etc. Haji, eating Paratha soratha and roti shothi, or Makai di Roti & sorso da sarr!! Hajji, the accent of spreaking also changed a lot, ji! After all we were reciding in Sheer-E-Punjaaabb!

Evening reaching to Simla. Oh man what a chill. Temperature was around 3 degree and I dressed in cool cotton of our Mumbai! Next day to set our ride to Kufree on horse back !! What a beauty! Can’t imagine god can be so graceful! The way towared the Maata mandir was so beautiful and facenating that just kept ur eyes wide and plus the snow fall on the way back added the glory. Even though it was automn season it was so gloreous then how would it be when it is spring,wonder!! Swear the ride on the horse back for about 7-8Km 1way was fantastic! Took some snaps riding on Yak (swear I saw Y for Yak first time in life!) and some snaps wearing the Himachal Pradesh or the Pahadi area dress. I think I looked really adorable in the red costume.
Evening spent on Mall street buying gifts to kiths and kins.

6th March whole day journey towards Manali with lots of pictorial sight. Rest at a exortic hotel.

7th March towards Snow Point Rothang Pass. IT is almost 7000 feet high. Oh man wha fun we had I just can express it in words. Snow every-where, sliding in the white, game of snow balls, skiing (even thought I collasped a lot!), and just sliding! Man what a fun! For a minite I thoght I am I am back to my childhood to sucha extend I enjoyed, till all my cloths went wet.But back to room terrible thought I cheered the movements but have to warm my seft to hilt in hot bath and heater.

Next day all set to a treck to Solang valley. Almost 12km treck in complete snow track with the beauty u would hardly imagine. Snow and snow and just snow everywhere. Walked all in snow and heavy snowfall in negative temperature towards a temple of lord shiva at the hight. In the end we had to walk barefooted 100 steps to the temple!! OH mind Blowing experience ! In sucha chill, walking bare footed was an exortic phenomenon! I sweere! To walk till the end, I was the only female, yo yo yo ! Cheereo! And imagine what kinda cloth we were wearing…just as the Flintstone on the Cartoon Network!! But look really cute-pie!
That day futher saw the age old(during the time of Mahabharata) Hidimba Mata Temple and apple gardens.

9th March went to Kullu. Saw a handloom Shawala factory. It was really intresting to know how the Shawalas are made with sucha lot of efforts. It almost takes 4-5 days for a skilled labour to make a simple Shawala. Further say some temples on the way and Kullu valley. I don’t really know why the Kullu valley have gained sucha importance cause thing the valley is just as a ordinary valley like any other valley. But anyways…
Went to Naggar to see a collection of paintings and handicraft of the great painter Nicloues Rorich. The collection was reallly informative giving lot of info on the mountains valleys and people living in the area. The day ended with shopping at the Mall Street with some gift articles and sweaters & shawlas.

Next day was complete travel day as we travelled long way almost 300Km towards Chandigad and saw the garden called Pinjore (the place where Pandawas recided dureing there time of exile ). It’s a enormous garden vastly spreed in 7 acres and different fruit and flower vegitation. Silence and towards the nature beauty was the mae aspect of the place.

11th March last day. Travel day in fact. Chandighard to Delhi by the van and then Delhi to my Mumbai by train Rajdhani (Super fast train yar 2km/min. Tooo cool man and lot of lip smaching food!)

Now back to MY MUM-BHAI. Chillaxed my time and freshly ready towards my Entrance prepration.

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  1. weheee! its a holi holiday! can see u had loads of fun at simla- kullu manali.