Friday, June 23, 2006

Mumbai ka Shanghai!!!???!!!....

PM Manmohan Singh has just inaugurated the metro railway project in Mumbai. He dreams of converting the potholic-blackholic Mumbai into world class city, Shanghai!!! The ministers are in fact too busy in closing the dance bars, Quota policies and getting these alcoholic drinks in the nookad ka Bannyawalla shop!!

The formula isn’t just too effective. Last year the Economist listed Mumbai as one of the world’s most unlovable cities, consigning it to a global terminal ward!

Here’s why:

We are 18 million people crammed on to one tiny island, with population density of 43,8898 per sq Km.

Real estate prices are so unreal that in downtown Mumbai you could Rs. 60,000 for single sq feet!!

Yet there are 19,846 building in danger of collapsing. And nearly 8 million people – nearly half the people – live in slums, where every public toilet is used by 4000 people!

There is only one bus for every 1300 people and only two public parking spots for every 1000 cars! Moreover a estimated 23,639 potholes on the roads that these cars and buses are traveling on!!

We have water shortage of 1000 million liters. The commodities is so scares that swanky skyscraper have to relay on the private suppliers, and those who cant afford to eat must shell out Rs 20 for a bucket of drink!

With a defect of 1500MW the city is on the verge of power crisis.

We generate 7800 tones of garbage everyday- only half of the garbage of NY- but much of it lie uncollected because there are only three municipal dumps.

Estimates 80% of Mumbai’s slum children are malnourished.

There is only one civic hospital in 1.5 million people, and each year thousands fall pray to typhoid, cholera, jaundice, gastro…

Of course it is not fair to admit that Mumbai elected representative have not turned blind eye to all this but on the contrary, the have actively aided the city, descent it to HELL!

Bas!! Enough is enough!! We cannot tolerate this anymore. Never have this B graded Bollywood line have sounded so sweet before! Its time for these naughty boys to get up- take action- Save city-otherwise in no time the da city code will be lost!!


  1. I was shocked to learn that Mumbai's been rated among one of the rudest cities in the world.Though i live in chennai i'm not willing to accept the fact that mumbai's rude.

    The statistics are mind boggling.The only way out would be to open up other cities too for development.

  2. yup, Mumbai needs to take it all in its stride and start fresh all over again