Saturday, June 24, 2006

Who’s rude?? Mumbai??!!! $#@!!
Mumbai the rudest city in the world?? $#@!!!The recent Readers indigestible survey of the worlds 35 cities claims that Mumbai is the rudest city on the earth!! The country which is known for its costumes and traditions, kindness and humanity does not deserve this rude tag!! Mumbai as matter of fact; is 'practical' and does not poke its nose into other people's business.
Mumbai is India's city of dreams, where businesses are born, creativity is nurtured, success meets striving, and art, science, trade and culture come together to paint the Great Indian Dream. Rude is an unwanted adjective for Mumbai! Independent, reliable, resourceful, accommodating, internationally well known, Mumbai is nothing less than a charm and jewel of India.
Mumbaites may not hold doors open, but Mumbai is always ready to welcome people from all parts of worlds to its fold. Yes to make quick bucks they will sell there goods and articles for high price to the white skins but that’s the mercury case in metal! Try out asking a direction in the middle of the street and the best of the guide will illustrate the way! But not like the French with insult at each word! I my self have witnessed the fact! About 6 years back when I was in Paris I asked direction to the world famous Eiffel tower but no one helped out but pulled some filthy gags in French…but the only people helpful were the Mumbai origin who showed us the complete way!!!
Mumbai may not pick your papers up on the street. But Mumbai will always pick itself and its people up from the worst. Where was RD last year on 26/7?? There was no single case of pic-poketing, harassment, or rape reported like in the Katrina floods, US! In fact Mumbai helped out each one in distress without thinking bout oneself! Every single time, Mumbai has picked itself up... let it be a bomb blast or any natural calamity!
Offering a seat to a lady or elderly person in bus or train even if you are deadly tired from your daily office work. Offering water in processions and queue of devotional places for free. Presenting bundles of saris and garments in a shop even the chances of the customer to buy the product is rare as the hair on the bald head! Helping someone get on and off the train. Showing the directions. Smiling instead of saying thank you.

If u call this rudeness then YES Mumbai is rude! Well that is a consolation. But stuff like this is really superficial; Indians undoubtedly have the deeper civility.

And still we are called rude!! Then let’s show the height “I am ready to punch anyone ... who calls Mumbai rude!!”$#@!!


  1. Hi Prachi,

    Well written article about the recent illogical survey of Reader's Digest!! I wish more and more people read this. Can you somehow try to get the contact details of Reader's Digest chief and post him/her the same??? That would be great. Please do it.

    Keep writing!


  2. Ohh...I mean Priyanks and not Prachi. Sorry for the same :):).

  3. "Try out asking a direction in the middle of the street and the best of the guide will illustrate the way".....ha...dare not bet on it !! i faced a prob bcoz of dat..yeh, if not rude, atleast d mumbai-ites i asked acted pretty dumb !! no offences, bt dat's wat i experienced !!

  4. hey...heard abt those blasts. Hope u r doing fine.

  5. no1 even reads such surveys n how d hell do they cal us rude?

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