Saturday, January 29, 2011

Broken Dreams...

Voices in my head, screaming out my name.
Telling me the future, telling me of pain.
Filling me with hopelessness, filling me with shame.
I do not want to listen, I cannot take the blame.

Voices in my head, pleading with my mind.
Telling me of suffering, whispering of death.
Filling me with sadness, the emptiness I find.
I wish that I could help them, with each and every breath.

Voices in my head, dripping with disease.
Telling me their problems, asking for release.
Filling me with restlessness, I only want to please.
I cannot take your burdens, I cannot give you ease.

Voices in my head, why do you speak to me?
Telling me your sorrows, and all your broken dreams?
Filling me with heaviness, that drags me to my knees.
Tears stream down my face, as I listen to your screams.

UR comments r welcomed.. But I am not sure  if I could reply back..


  1. A powerful poem, very heavy. Why this at such a young age, when you should be writing of happy and fun things?

  2. Hey pri how are you gal? I hope you feel better soon...

  3. Beautiful but so sad and poignant. We want to see a happy post here very soon. Hope may everything's be alright soon.

  4. Here's hoping you feel light and bright real soon :)
    Take care girl :)
    Loved the look and feel of your blog and the powerful poem too.

  5. hope you are feeling better now with thoughts of happier times, mountains climbed and dreams that came alive populating the mind...


  6. Hello, what is going on?

    Your poem is awesome but why are you sad.

    Just one suggestion, move the first paragraph below the picture so your poem looks like a poem...

  7. Really very nice poem loved it!!

  8. thats such a touching write... you got a beautiful blog ...
    ps- there's some html content in between your write

  9. That's a nicely written verse!
    But why are you so sad? Hmm?

  10. Hi.. This will pass by too very sooon ..

    Totally understand a few of the sentiments you have shown i guess we get through them

    You take care and god bless


  11. Do listen to them..they would surely help to get out of the sadness and show you the path...and encourage you to dream again!


    P.S. Mr beans at the side surely made me smile after I came here :)

  12. Priyanka

    This, combined with recent experience produced the following:

    Thank you for joys past!

  13. This too shall pass is my mantra...Hope its not personal. Wish u all the Happiness.Beautiful, nevertheless!

  14. very beautiful poem hunny but depressing esp. the pic in the end!
    looking forward to read a cheerful poem in near future!

  15. maybe because you're the only one who'll listen to them.

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  16. hey Priyanka,this is beautiful and indeed a reflection of one's state of mind..joys and sorrow..Tis too shall pass.after sunset comes sunrise.

  17. @rama: Well its the way u fee when ur ultimate dream breaks leaving no hope!!

    @Tanishka: yep now I am quiet better! thx! And thus decided to reply to all!

    @ajay: hopeful happy post is here on the way!

    @dialoguewithu: better that b4! yes I am feeling light but not yet bright!!

    @Kavi: yes! thx for all the mood elevating words!

    @A; I will take ur suggest sure!

    @simple ridiculous and talha: thx a lot for all the appreciation... keep visiting!!

    @Rajlaxmi: well I will c in to it!! thx for letting me know dear..

    @Preeti: remember my year 11 , 11 wish list: At the start of year itself... one of them have collapsed!

    @BIkramjit: Hope whatever u say turns true!

    @ Beyond Horizon: hmm... even he does make me smile!!

    @muds: u never need to say thx dear!

    @alka: I just hope tha it will pass soon positively

    @SEPO: I will make it a point to put forth happy post soon!

    @BLashphemous: its echo's in ur mind in ur heart in ur soul.. u just cant ignore!

    @Vishal: waiting for the sun rise!

  18. A good set of posts making it a good blog to read. And, I'm happy to join the 20 club.

  19. touching and the voice comes from heart to touch the reader's heart.
    those voices of head actually speak a LOT. they guide us, motivate us, confuse us and finally mellow us down too...:)


  20. @rachit: thx... plz do coming in if u like my blog

    @Subtlescribbler: I agree with u totally!

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  22. Amazing poem...... loved it yaar....