Tuesday, February 08, 2011

In my last poem all comment that they wanted to see a happy post soon… Well, I am not sure when that happy post will be published!! But this post wills enlist 10 things that really do make me happy!!

In my life, I always knew what I don’t want… what I hate… what makes me sad… But never knew what really makes me happy!! As I started to write this post so many things came in my mind… it actually enlighten me that gosh, I like so many things from which I just have to choose only 10!!

This post is dedicated to SEPO who really made me think what brings happiness in my life!!!! 

Chocolate: There are many chocolates in market but I love the Indian brunette bar the most… Cadbury dairy milk or Cadbury Silk (the current savor)!! And do you know where CADBURY Company is located…?? Just 2 miles away from the place I stay! It’s my dream job to work at that place in Quality Control where I am officially allowed eat as many Chocó bar as I want!!

   Sunset near the beach:  A walk along the marine lines gazing at the departing sun and listening to the splashing sea waves on the wall… swinging in and out… walking by the chaupati, where you can feel the cool water on your feet, and the rushing sand under the toes…

 3. Local trains: Yes!! Being Mumbaikar they do make me really happy!! Of course not those crowded one in the morning where if one fails to put a deodorant in morning, it will so happen that you when you are out of the train you have the adorable fragrance of the one clinging next to you! I love special the early morning travel, that too downside, where you’re travelling from Thane to Dombivili to Karjat & Kasara! I just love hanging around the poles of the trains… feeling the gushing wind on face… when the cool breeze plays with your open hair…

    . Balloons: Bigger the better!! I guess I love this write from the time I was born!! My mom always tells me the story that, when I was kid I required a new balloon everyday and never demanded any other toy!! So, she had engaged a balloon seller to deliver a balloon every morning!  Now days, when I see those kids playing with balloons, I find it very adorable but at the same time I am so so jealous of them!!

.  Laughing: When my family sits together, and we laugh on most minor and trivial issues till we get rolling on the   floor!

  A big Bear hug from my love: Feels like I am the most protected person on this earth…! It’s a speechless experience where 26 alphabets and millions of word combination become so trifling to explain…

.  The family fight: No, no!! Not the real one! It’s what we called as love wrestling!! It’s our family game!!We fight like small kids, but we have fun as if we are best pals!!  We have battle with most hits and most kissed! Normally the match is between me and my dad where mom is a referee! Its total fun for which I, infact we 3, wait eagerly every time!

   Lost weight: I guess it’s on every gals’ happiness list!! I know even the size zero Kareena must have it on her list!! Anyway for me, let the weight lost be even 100gram I know that day I would be the happiest person on the earth!! Then I celebrate it by indulging in chocolates and end up with the 200 grams greater weight that before!! 

  Pani-Puri: Muumuu! Dont have words for that! My mouth has already started watering…  Bye… I am out to have those!!

   Till the time you keep commenting! Cause each new comment I receive I do get very happy to see those comments!! I am sure you will make me happy!!     


  1. I had a biiig comment in my mind and then I saw the Golgappa and have forgotten everything :D

  2. Chocolates work for me too... Even in the worst of my mood the minute I have a chocolate I forget everything...
    loosing weight is such a pleasure... When the weighing machine shows even a Kg less or when I see my clothes lose even by an inch, I go jumping around in happiness....
    Which blogger would not like comments... :D :D
    I have been to mumbai and loved travelling in local trains... They are fun :)
    Nice post :)

  3. oooh pani puri does it for me for sure

    and the weighing machine well in my case if it shows ONE gram less i jump its so difficult to loose ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  4. Besides local trains and Pani puri, I am with you....

  5. And happiness is quite contagious, the smile on some stranger, or their hearty laughs... they too are reasons to make me smile.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. @Smita: Indeed!! sometime when I am on fasting or on diet if I wish 2 have it and cant then I just gaze at other who r having it!! Love it so so much!!

    @Tanishka: I agree with you totally!
    Come to Mumbai... I will show you around the city in the life line!!

    A: u dont like pani-puri!! God!!! I am amazed!

    Blasphemous Aesthete: truly agree with you boy!!

  7. pani purii yumm yummm yumm and i just finished dinner

  8. I want pani puri too. :) That definitely makes me happier. :)

  9. Hey
    I love dis post soo much..Cadbury coc,our dear old local trains which was a ritual for me in Mumbai,Paani Puri-another treat wich I miss so much in life,Marine lines was ma evening gateway.Mumbai is truly awesome..ahh!U forgot our yellow-black cabs n Best buses:)
    Great post.I love it:)

  10. You like all the nicest things: so these are a few of your favorite things, yummy!
    See when you think about it there so many good things in life one can be grateful for. Banish all sad thoughts and be always happy.

  11. choco wow thats amazing i also love cadbury even though my favorite is swiss white tobs ... many ppl luv pani puri but i never eat it.. once i tried when i was in bangalore but it didin workout ...

    n yeah baloons... the bigger the better XO .. i remember i went up to 15 feets with a big gas baloon ... it was so freakin scary hehe ...

    abt Mumbai.. i wish to go there someday.. cox i got to meet Aamir khan :)..n i would really luv to ride on those trains,

    beaches, well we are born n raised in the beach n the salty sea water... u must sumday come to our home land Maldives, u might not know the place by name so google...
    u'll surly luv this place ...

  12. pani poori ... yummyyy thats my favy too :D
    sunsets makes me happy :D same pinch :D
    a feel good post :D

  13. hey :)
    came to read ur blog,,and i simply loved this post:)
    and fortunately i was alos writing this:)and it was the alomost the same 10 things for me too:)

  14. yaayy, seeing my name made me happyy!!

    lovely post! i must say, we have so many things in common! the pani puri pic bought so much pani in my mouth!!

    cheers, stay happy sweetheart!

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  16. I am seeing for the first time such a wonderful list...thinking again..i feel that i also love many of the items that u listed, like the sunset beach..

    well..am a first timer here..u have a very interesting blog..keep writing..pls..

  17. @nuttie: Pani puri they stimulate ur taste buds even ur full!!

    @ajay: lets have blogger pani puri party!

    @Vishal: YEs trains, pani puri, the beaches is truly amazing treat!
    For me Mumbai is and never was a yellow cab drive its just the 11 no. bus.. walking on ur 2 feet!!

    @Rama: yes!! surely!! thx!

    @Febrehemo:For pani puri dear u need to come to Mumbai!! its awesome here!! I am sure u will love it the way I do!!
    Maldives I do know that place! Learned it in school geography lesson!! Its beautiful...learned it throu Google...some day surely ... will pay a visit to sucha beautiful land !!
    Come to Mumbai... Will be ur Guide!! Not sure bout Amir Khan but surely I wil show the best in the place!!

    @Rajlaxmi: yes indeed a yummy post then!!

    @Preeti: hey same pinch then!!Welcome to my blog!

    @SEPO: This post is all cause of u dear! thx to u!!

    @Tomz: Thank u!! do keep coming in then!!


  18. Chocolates =D =D
    The best remedy!
    I love pani puris too :) Actually, which Indian does not like pani puris? :p
    Loved your post!
    Nice that you thought about what makes you happy!
    Guess, I'll figure out soon too :)

  19. @lonely Dreamer: Choco--- ofcourse its too tempting gal!!
    Bout Pani puri I totally agree with u!
    Yep!! u too write bout it... let us also know what makes u happy sweety!!

  20. Hey, where have you disappeared?
    Everything okay?
    Take Care, Rama.

  21. Among all these things, only Bear Hug works for me. I love Bear, and I love Hug more...

  22. Be not simply good, be good for happiness. Yay!

  23. First visit 2 ur blog...Enjoyed :-)
    Gol Gappa-ballons-comments-----Same to same!!! :-D I love them too........ :-)