Thursday, June 21, 2012

Its Summer- Time…

It's summer-time and life is easy and good,
The sun is shining and everyone is in a great mood!

The school is out;
No more Homework and no more class,
Now it’s time to run in lush green grass!!

The sun is shining bright,
Below the sun I seek for cool shade.
And find my tall glass of ice filled lemonade!!

The temperature is climbing,
Warm air, cool breeze and I have a daydream,
Of coke and ice-cream!!

Summer is here,
It’s time to head for the sea surprise,

Sand-castle, Salty lips, bikinis and tanned guys!!

From early morning till late evening,
I smell some roasted treat,

As there is a barbecue on every street!!
It’s time for pictures and memories,
Sunglasses flip-flops and short dresses,
Wear less and be careless!!

Everybody is having fun,
Cause its summer time and life is easy and good,
The sun is shining and everyone is in a great mood!!


  1. Superb post, Pathak..amazing how u described the summer mood..Three cheers for that. Simply fab

  2. lucky you,, the sun has not come here yetttttt ...

    have a great summer and enjoyyyy

    and good to see a post from you after so long


  3. @ Anonymous (I am kinda sure its u Vishal) : Yep thats how the summer mood is down here in NYC!! I used to hate summer when I was in Mumbai!! But this phase of Summer.. I am kinda loving it!!

    @ Bikramjit: Yeah!! the sun is bright and shining!! Yep after a long time! I too kinda missed it!! But life here in NYC is little more buzy than expected!! But hopefully I can post few things periodically!!

  4. Loved your description of summers.... Reminded me of school summer vacations... :)

    And now its time for rains... My fav time of the year... :D

  5. @ Tanishka: Yeah! I am in school!! And now for couple of month its no study!! That excites me the more!!
    Rain... Indian Monsoon!!!! Wow!! I miss that too!

    @Amrit: Thx u!

  6. Enjoying the moment....and a lovely way to express that feeling....

    Best wishes,

  7. super fun post....seems like u just love india we dont really have ne likin 2wards summer but ur poem makes it so cute...:)...i so loved these lines...It’s time for pictures and memories,
    Sunglasses flip-flops and short dresses,
    Wear less and be careless!!...great write....thanx 4 visitin my blog n givin me a chance to go through urs..:)

  8. such a joyful poem...

    U are blessed with great talent in writing..

    I can see a teen girls mirth on the close of the school..Actually it brought back all the memories of my school days to..Thanks for visiting me..and dont crave for such curly hairs that I have ..u look dashing in ur current hair style..:)see u around soon as well..

  9. Hey correct Pathak..It's Vishal..good guess:)

  10. @ Magic-eye : Thanks! U too!! Keep visiting!

    @ Irfanuddin: Yep! After leaving school… First time, I am enjoying summer! Thanks and keep visiting!!

    @ Vaisakhi: When I was in India! Summer was alway been awaited just for the summer vacation, ice-creams and going to grandparents plalce!! But here in USa ppl enjoy sun shine!!Thanks a lot for appreciation! Blogger like you boost writer like us to write more!! Thanks and keep visiting!!

  11. @ Tomz: Thanks!! U know, we human beings dont like the coast which we stand on ... but love the coast which we are gazing from the other end! Thats the story of the my hair!! May b if I had curls I would be craving for straight smooth hair!!!

    Between keep visitin!! TC

  12. Lotta memories of a summer vacation :) Good one...

  13. And one wishes, the summer will never end.

  14. Having grown up in Bombay, the noticeable seasons were summer (all year round) and the monsoons (the "torrential" rainfall and the flooding often made up for a whole year)! I remember a friend just writing up a poem on the rains (mind you, bombay rains...) on a sunday afternoon and many years later, it brings back such wonderful memories of the city, of our friendship! So, this thing between nature and poetry is a good thing!!

  15. @ Insignia: Yep!! Lot of memory comes to my mind if I think about summer!! Specially the time when I was in school! But this summer is an all together different experience for me!! After all its New York Summer! Keep visiting!!

    @ Anil P: And 1 more wish.. That school should never start!!!

    @ Indian Bazaars: being growing up in Mumbai.. I miss the rains!!! Specially the first rain, smell of sand, chai and chutti (when the local train shut down!!)!!!
    Ofocurse poetry drags us back to memories!! I am sure when I will grown up and be in India I might be sitting at the window, watching the pour down with a cup of chai in hand and reading this poem thinking about the time I spent in NYC!!!

    Thank you all and keep visiting!!!