Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dieters know it and the gadget geeks know it!! And even those who spend hours on Facebook poking each other know it well!! In fact we all know it! Those few little things that we relish on; those little but special things, that it makes you feel “soooo good” at that moment, but shortly after that it brings that creepy feeling such that we try hiding under the table for just doing it!!

Yes, that what we call it as GUILT PLEASURES!!...

My tastes and likes are quite simple. Yet, there are small things I like to relish upon, those little things, that makes me happy and glee!! I dare to give you few of my only if you give yours!!

  1. Cyber Stalking: From the time I am in twenties and something, this have toped my chart!! A true additive indulgent!! And social media sites have made it quite easy!! There is surely someone among your “friends” that you want to know more about. You want to see your collogue have any wilder side, or just want to check out your school mates wedding dress or want to know what your ex is doing with the new girl!! Facebook is great because it gives you peeks into people’s lifes and the BEST part is without them even knowing it!! After all, this is a part of human psychology!! Every single status update, photo shared and link posted you have made on your Facebook wall is actually attributed to this theory. Abraham Maslow; stated that humans have three basic needs, which are for love, affection and a sense of belonging. We might not realize it but that in sharing with our friends our activities and photographs, we are actually seeking for attention and belonging. We want people to notice us and of course, we feel better when they do and take time to comment on our posts. The best is that it’s OK to do so on Facebook because that’s what Facebook is meant for!!  
  2. Pillow talks: I love it when my friends and my cousins are home for sleep over!! Catching up with the latest gossip about friends, families and FOES!! Talking whole night about long lost friends and the memories we share... Talking about the current hot dude next door and who is hooked up with whom and for who!! Rewinding, relaxing and reloading!! But getting up late the next day and reaching work super late with such a sleepy head is a terrible regret!
  3. Snooze button: I always need that extra 9 min of sleep! I have this love- hate relationship between this buttons. The responsible side of you is telling, “Ok you KNOW, you HAVE to get out of bed”! But then there is that little voice, we hear whispering. Yeah, we all have our own little tricks we like to play with the alarm clock. By doing this, you trick yourself into believing that you will be winning over the clock; with respect to the extra few minutes you get to lie in bed just because you can. At this point one should undoubtedly be asking ones self, is this necessary? Naahh, but you will set that clock to trick yourself anyways!!
  4. 3C√†Chaat, Chocolate and Coffee: Do I have to say anything more!! I know none of this is going to be a part of health food diet… But few extra calories for a mouth water junky like pani-puri and a desert of chocolate bar would serve as the best meal to me!! My mouth is watering already!! And for me the slogan is “A coffee a day, keeps the doctor away”. It’s so true!! If I don’t have coffee in the morning, I feel dizzy, sleepy and it turns out to be a bad day that I have to go home and take medicine!!
  5. Being Lazy: The lyrics of Bruno Mars big guilty pleasure hit song "The Lazy Song", says it all:
Today I don't feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed
Don't feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone
Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything!!
  1. Earrings: An ultimate indulgent for the girly side of me!!  I would never leave my house without a pair!! I have 6 piecing in my 2 ears. I have collection that any one person could not wear in a long year. Long earring, small earring, the dots, the chandelier earring, the hoops, the stud, just the plan rings, hook ups, dangling earrings, beaded one, stone one, shell one, feathered, glass earrings, pearls ones, gold and sliver ones!! I even carry the funny ones with just the kissing lips or even the shape of a heeled shoe!! I am a girl who buys earring first and then buy a dress matching to it!! I have so many earrings that some of them I haven’t wore it yet!! Few are just waiting for there perfect matching dress!! Some of them are just there, am I am sure I might not wear it also!! But it just I have to get it once I have my eyes on it!! With my own money the first thing I bought in USA was a forever 21 crystal earrings… and that night I am sure I had the good night sleep!!
  2. Does flirting count?   :P
  3. Steeling time from work for personal time: Run down the washroom just cause your friend have called... or just keep the thread on of sms on even at work or just ping someone on Google chat or Facebook chat cause your totally bored of the work that you are doing currently!! Or just hop on blogs and put few comments!! Update a Facebook status and find the perfect dinner recipe from the Manjulas recipe or Sanjeev Kapoors web page!!
  4. Eating food straight out of the container: Especially Ice-cream!! I just have to scoop the spoon inside the 1 lit box and eat it!! Mom made special recipe like the spicy veggie, I have no patience of waiting till it reaches my plate!! I just have dip my figure in the pan and enjoy it by licking it just like an infant!! But trust me the food taste more delicious!

Well these are my guilt pleasure!! Yes it is pretty bad but I like it. What can I say?

After all they say, “The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time”


  1. i am reading your blog for the first time and wow!!!!!!

  2. Scrabble online - My ultimate guilt pleasure !!

  3. cant say much , I am a boring person I dont do any of these :(


  4. @ Sailesh: thanks a lot!! keep visiting then!!

    @ Mom with a Dot: Scrabble!! Its a funn game!!

  5. @Bikram: I am sure ur not!! U may have ur own list I am sure!! A person who write such an interesting blog and is a cop by profession.. must hav some new and interesting stuff for sure!!

  6. Interesting and BTW i love doing the last one, perhaps it tastes more when we have it straight from the container but more than that i enjoy the facial expression of my wife when see looks at me doing that....:)

  7. @Irfanuddin: Hahaha!! In my case its my mom!! I love her expression!!

    @magic eye: yes!! The important element!! Fun!! Cant miss that thou!!

    Thanks for commenting and keep visiting!!

  8. That's some list you got there. Is NOT completing a "Perfect 10" part of the guilty pleasures. I'm kinda itching to add one more. :)

    Agree with everything BUT the earings (I don't wear one) and "eating food out of the container".

  9. Agree on point #9
    Nothing like eating straight from the container :-)

  10. Being lazy is my favorite too. And mindless wandering on the net. No need to say, these two are enough to finish me! :)

    Destination Infinity

  11. @ eye in the sky: I was thinking bout the same!! But I was having my guilt pleasure of laziness and just put only 9 .. just like my snooze minutes!! Try ur fav!! especially the ice cream, I am sure ur gonna enjoy it!!

    @Haddock: and the food taste more delicious!!

    @Destination Infinity: Laziness!! As I work almost all day, now a days I am refrained by that pleasure!! But soon!! Soon will the time come that I just can b ideal and do nothing!!

    Keep visiting!! Thank you!!

  12. My first time here and I LOVED this piece.

    Infectious and bubbly - yes, these are the words which come to my mind seeing your writings.

    Being a girl is great no ;)

    P.S I will be visiting often girl!!

  13. @ Visha: wow!! thanks a lot!! For such an comments!! it inspire us to develop more!! Keep visitin!!

  14. Pathak!!!
    Amazing written post..cmon we all do it and you've accurately depicted guilt pleasures:)

  15. @ Vishal: thank you for officially commenting!! :)

    Keep visiting and keep commenting!! :P

  16. Im so happy to see that you are back on the blogging circuit after a hiatus:) wow! officially commenting n thanks for officially

  17. @ Vishal: Yes I am surely in!! Well bit buzy currently but yes will manage some frequent post!!

  18. beautiful post boss..“The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time”
    luv that..:)wishes

  19. @ R. Ramesh: Thank you!! Keep visiting!!

  20. Nice post. Time spent on Facebook is most enjoying. I came here from A Real Blogger. Will visit again.