Wednesday, April 02, 2014

A is for Anniversary… An anniversary with Ankit… And a little bit of our love story…

A is for Anniversary and so is A for Ankit.. :) 

I can’t believe this is true, it s been a whole one year. Last year was just an April spring month… An today a year after… everything seems to be there just a blink of eye before.. In honor of the being it the first post… my A for anniversary post.. I am gonna tell you a little bit of our love story… 

It all started as a casual friendship about 10 years ago when we just started college. Not much was in common between us then; yet there was some peculiar spark which always kept us in touch…  Not until the end of bachelors’ degree our friendships flourish with a common goal – Masters in USA!!  However, I stayed back for some work experience, and he followed his dreams.

My life turned 360 degrees; with my Master admit from LIU, New York City!! Unusual yet pertinent, he too was in the same city endeavoring our old common aspiration of higher education. In a strange new country, away from my folks; his advice and assistance supported me. And in no time, our just friends’ status in no time change to best buddies forever.

Ankit is a laid back and an easy going guy; very calm yet a charming persona. Being house-mates for more than 2 years now; we had great bonding. We shared our all ups and downs, grief and joys together.  Most of the time, we spend our time together jotting down some assignment or watching different series together (And FRIENDS was the first one indeed!!) On lazy winter afternoon; we shared common interest of FOOD!! He making it… and I eating it!! Summer was explicit; with expedition of exploring the city – its architecture, buildings, monuments, museums, gardens, skyline, ferry rides and not doubting trying all different world cuisines! It was the best what friends can ever have!!!

For the new years 2013, I decided to visit my family back in India for couple of weeks. During that time my parents were looking for a suitable groom for me. I wasn’t charmed or thrilled about the idea. Every time I looked at an unknown photograph of a prospect groom, I kept comparing him with Ankit! I felt something in me that was never known yet so familiar! And who knew the same was the case back in New York! I must say, distance brought us together!!

And before we knew it we were head over the heels in love!!!

It was almost end of my Masters. I received a letter from my school that I have succeeded in my comprehensive exam and I will be graduated in May 2013. To celebrate my accomplishment on 27th April 2013; we went to Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Cheery Blossom Festival with couple of our roommates. It was the first sunny day of the year. And who knew it was going to be the sunniest day of my life! Well after going there I went complete snap happy with my camera. We reached Discovery Park which had some cute ‘Alice in wonderland’ typo flower and plant arrangement. At that time my roommates stepped away from both of us. Finding their behavior wired I kept gazing at them and asked Ankit, “What are these girls upto?” Ankit replied, “May be they must be thinking – when I am gonna ask you?” And I was like “Whaaa…t?” But before I could complete the word, I saw Ankit on his one knee and a ring in his hand. My jaws dropped, I put my hand over my mouth, and my eyes started trickling joy of tears… From inside I was mostly freaking out like crazy!!... Then he just hold my hands, looked deep into my eyes, and uttered the most simplest word yet the sweetest “ I loves you and I want to spend my rest of my life with you. Will you marry me? ” I was so exhilarated and flabbergasted with this act that I couldn’t find any words in English, Hindi or any regional language dictionary to gratify my feelings. I just extended my hand towards him, and he quickly slipped the ring in my figure and then we hugged. For a moment we just stood there, feeling the moment and feeling the breeze. It was a lovely journey back home because we held hands all the way back. 

Within the next couple of weeks we told this news to our parents. Just like Indian traditional way, the parents met and decided the future for us together. Today; with the approval of friends and family; we officially are a couple celebrating our one year anniversary this month. ..

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