Friday, April 04, 2014

Blabbering buffoons

When I started to think about the word starting with B lot of words came to my mind… believes, boys, bitches, breakups… The word that brought a smile on my face was blabber!! Hence this wonderful post to wonderful people who loves to use social media! Yes your right, it’s to you all, to all my blabbering buffoons!

In this era of social media; there are things that we find out, there are things you don’t want to find out and there are things that you could have gone without finding out. We have Facebook, twitter, Instagram or even snap chat to let you know everything and anything, right from people who went out and had smiles & laughter or who are sad and in grief. Then, we have WhatsApp, texting, i-messages, BBM for all those inside jokes between our mutual friends, best friends and relevant friend; where you can feel the laughter at both ends. Where each one of you sits on the other end of the computer or mobile phone giggling to their joke! That’s not it! We all have phones! Yes mobile phones! We just keep talking, all day, all night; just someone needs to ask the question… And there you go! You will write a complete research paper with your lips and go ballistic blabbering anything and everything!

So my question is: In today’s world, where we are constantly busy broadcasting and blabbering every little detail; have we lost the concept of silence and solitude? Have we stopped appreciating silence to the world which never stops talking?

Couple of days back, I went to a happening party in the city! The DJ spinning top 40s… Youngsters dancing and spinning to the top numbers! After couple of hours after showing my moves, I suddenly had urge and desperate feeling to escape somewhere quiet; just go in that toilet cubical and sit and think nothing! The following day, I decided that I will skip the city crowd and thus hopped on city line cruise over the Hudson River… As we sailed away, I can hear the dimming honking of cars… emerged was the soothing sound of the water and the gushing feel of the wind!

Yes, I thy found solitude in the midst of the busiest city!

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