Saturday, April 05, 2014

City chic

City chic

Tall skyscrapers and busy streets…
Sea of faces; rushing &running…
Honking of the horns and clacking of heels…
High ambition and greater dreams…
Mumbai or New York that’s the life I have always been in!
Unarguably a total city chic…

SO, growing up in big cities though and thought-out, I have rounded up few signs that make me an obvious city chic… Following are the 7 golden rules; which certainly does make me a city chic!

1.       I don’t have driving license!
When it comes to driving I always recollect the scene from the movie Madagascar when Marty, the zebra asks Alex, the lion to drive and the lion replies: “Hell no! I am from Bronx Zoo, New York City! We New Yorkers can’t drive!”  Hell, why do you need a car when the public transport is just great! Its working 24x7 from one end of the city to the other! In fact, we are trusted to take those public transports from a very early age, right from the time we were kids! Plus, we have cabs or rickshaws at our service! New York City’s subway metro train and Mumbai’s local trains are the true life lines!

2.       I enjoy noise!
Clank, smash, bangs! Car horns and trains rattles lulls me to sleep! Call me crazy, but I need that noise to prove me that there is life going around me!  Those are sounds make me feel I am home! I can’t take those crickets chirping and that deafening silence! In fact, it spooks me! I would be rather surrounded by building rather than spooky trees! Hence, I happily conclude, I love the sounds of big city!

3.       I am a social butterfly or let me restate that as “I have to be busy to be happy!”

In fact, I love being around the people all the time! As a matter of fact, being alone terrifies me! Hence, I have calendar full of activities lined up every week. And in such cities which never sleep there is always something going on! Parties, dinners, meet ups, trips, movies, museums… that’s anything and everything! You need a huge party at least once in a month to keep you charged!  And if you don’t have anything to do you always have LAUNDRY night!

4.       I enjoy wide taste palate:
Mumbai and New York both are the places where you can gets world most diversified yet most authentic cuisines... Chinese, Sushi, Italian, Greek, French, Thai, Mexican, Ethiopian, Middle-eastern, English brunches, fusion cuisines, vegan cuisine and all the other different varieties… And Indian…!! Lip-smacking…  Punjabi, south Indian, north eastern, Gujrathi, Marathi, Rajasthani, pani puri & other chaats, deserts & sweets and any street food!! And there are those mid-night deliveries which you can never miss! If you’re a city chic then your taste buds won’t settle with just daal- roti (daily bread)!  And I bet you, I can die for wada pav in Mumbai and live for bagels in New York!

5.       I find pleasure in adventure:
Let it be getting inside a crowded train or fitting all your clothes in tiny-winy closet or even travelling daily an hour or two or even three at points, is not a big-a-deal! In fact, I say, your daily life becomes an adventure when you are in the city! Strange people, rude people, yelling people… Nothing is a surprise in these cities… anything can happen... And that’s the adventure!

6.       I need everything… And I need it FAST!
When you are in these city, you life is on seconds! I remember during my college days I used to catch 8:41 am local train… Not 8:40. Not 8:45… It’s precise… It’s specifically 8:41 am. Here, life happens when you are running; and I bet you are running fast to get everything in your life that you wanted!

7.       I have a fun fashion sense:
And that means, I can wear whatever and whenever I want and that too with no judgments! Someday I can be just elegant and classy while other days I just can be bold and urban or on a typical day, I will go around in the city with my pajamas!! You can wear whatever the heck I want and I just can carry it well! 


Well yes, that’s me... the city chic… A Fun, fabulous and free soul!!

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