Sunday, April 06, 2014

Dare to dream...

Dare to dream…

We all have dreams! Some are small, some are big… some are costly and some are free… Some just stay as dream and some just kicks in and just makes you feel like a queen… But yes, we all have dreams… crazy yet cute dreams!

We dream of future… goals we want to accomplish… hopes that we want to fulfill… achievements that you want to acquire! As a kid each one had a dream… walking on the moon or be on TV or even top the class! Nothing was impossible here and no one was exception… Every one of us was believers… believers of dreams... Dreams which can turn in to reality! Then what happened folks…? What happened?

Reality struck? U got a job, you got a life, you got a house and you got a wife!! But that doesn't mean we have to lock our dreams in a far closet and throw its keys in the deep blue sea!

Think a while…

Rewind your life a little. Think. What do you remember?
Going to work every day? Getting stressed?
Nooo! Hell no!
Let me tell you what I thought!
I recollect the golden times when I received trophies… Those applauds and those cheers!
Enjoying great vacations with family… Wrestling with my dad!
Having fabulous time with my friends… getting crazy!

Even those pleasant thoughts… inspires you... energies you… mentally and emotionally!

And so is this with the dreams! Dreams are just state of mind that will empower you mentally and emotionally to reach you to your goals… It’s like a blue print to your plan!!... And that’s why dreams are said to be the first step towards reality!

So dream big people.  Dream your career, dream your destination, and dream your romance! Dream about your ideas and dream about your success … Just dream… And just don’t lose hopes and don’t get discouraged! Just believe in yourself and believe in your dreams…

Plant this seed of possibility and believe…  Because you can do anything, far more than you have imagined, in your wildest dream!

So you over there; hold on to your dream… cause folks it’s time to dream!

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