Monday, April 07, 2014

E is for Earrings…

E is for Earrings…

Did you see Ram-leela, the movie? Well the movie was alright but Deepikas’ earrings were sensational! Designer Anju Modi have done fabulous work designing the remarkably extraordinary earrings for this dusky beauty! From the round and huge ‘Nagada Sang Dhol’ earrings to the classy crystal jhumkas in ‘Ang Laga De re’; I was totally enchanted by those multi-colored traditional statement earrings!

I have very simple and basic style. A pair of blue jeans and cute fresh colored t-shirt; paired with comfortable flats!  And then there come the bling to my outfit… my statement earring! Well, yes; that’s my style! Anything paired up with my zing-zang earring and I am glamorous and sparking like a star! 

Did you know that, we Indians are the inventors of earrings! We have been wearing earrings from ancient time. It is part of our tradition and beliefs. In fact, its Hindu culture we pierce the ears of new born female child within the first one month of the birth! There are claims by the Indian traditional science, that that wearing earring has many health benefits on female body. It is believed that there is acu-point on women’s earlobe. An earring is supposed to regulate females’ menstruation in particular! Depending on the material used for earring, it is said to have OBGYN benefits accordingly. For example, wearing gold earrings is believed to boost energy while silver will cut down the excess energy! And if you wear ruby stone that it can help with ovulation and emerald to ward off miscarriages! Well, that’s all propulsion from ancient times but there is no scientific evident to prove it yet!

So, born and brought by in a family where earrings are fundamental attribute of a famine character, I decided to take this traditional to another level… towards fashion… using it as my style statement! Ever since I started going to college, I have been obsessed with this piece of jewelry! It’s the piece of jewelry, which I simply can’t go out without! In Mumbai I had at least; not less but more, 200 pairs of earrings! My passion for earrings pursued even after travelling to New York…  In fact my love of my life helped me follow this passion of my life sometime by letting me use his credit cards!!! And thus, now my collection has got international!

You will find earrings in all different shapes and size; all different material and all different styles! Few are pretty cheap and few are serious expensive… But one thing for sure... That makes a girl, real attractive! Apart from gracing my looks, my earrings have always been conversation starters! Every time I wore a sazzy design, I have received compliments and in no time our conversations had lead me to finds friends and lots of new contacts!

In olden days, in 4th Century, earrings were made of leave, flowers, feathers and wood. By the time this art form reached 17th century, earrings had evolved and were made of pearls, emeralds, rubies! In 1947, Dior introduced a creative set of design and from that time there was no looking back for the earring industry! Today we have all the different material! For sure we have the precious metals earrings like gold, silver, white gold, platinum studded with rubies, emeralds and other precious stones! But now we have earrings made of plastic, brass, wood, steel, alloy metals, magnets, sticky, paper, glass, feathers, beads, stones and what not! Due to advancement in technology, man has made cheap gem stones and cubic zirconia is one among them! It looks like diamond but it’s not a diamond! Talking about style, there is endless list…  Ball shaped, Bar shaped, buttons, chandelier, clip- on, clusters, dangling, drop shaped, ear pins, hoops, hinged, huggie, hooplet, earring charms, studs, theaders, J hoopes, wire, jumkas, menakari, vintage, polki and what not! Then they all can be classic or colorful, sophisticated or funky, long or short, extra long or super duper long and the list can go on and on!

So from fine classy diamond studs to Rupees 5.00 earring sold in the local train, these days we have it all, glorified on our ears! Go girl, the beautiful world is waiting for you; enjoy your earrings and look fantastically fabulous as always!

Loves and Kisses! 

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