Monday, April 07, 2014

Fake Friends…

Fake Friends…

When they say, “It’s too good to be true!” then probably it is true!

Couple of days back, I have seen someone deleting me from her Facebook profile… For a minute, I felt bad... And then I could sense; it clearing is not going to do much with my life, it just makes her look pathetic and immature! Let me tell you how it started! From the time I met her, she came to be a really strong person, loved me and trusted me in every decision! She met my friends and mingled with every one of them, and made it sure, she told everyone that she have found her soul mate! She brought small gifts and never took no for an answer! Gave me compliments all the times! She never kept a single stone un-turned to make me feel I mean the world to her! And then one fine day, she suddenly cut me off, and pointed the blame back to me so that she never has to feel guilty that she is knowingly using me!

After that I started analyzing, and found how stupid I was! She wanted my help! She had done everything to make me feel secure! When things went against her will, she have always been angry or given me silent treatments! She has never followed her promise and has always given convenient excuse why she is so busy to get together with me! She have ruined my every successful and happy moment (yeah, including my Birthday!) just to get that lime-light over her! Clearly, she was manipulating me for her selfish needs! Suddenly I realized I had made a fake friend!

I am a believer! I believe in friendship! For me it like, “once a friend, always a friend!” But, when it comes to fake friends, I would rather say “I rather have enemy who slaps me on my face, than friends who stabs me in the back!” It is painful at time when people just utilize you for their selfish needs. But it’s a giant relief that you are save from such sabotage! I realized, this temporary grief is for long term happiness. God himself must have removed such friend from my life so that I can move ahead and progress.

Someone has rightly said, “Despite few bad apples, the harvest of your relationships will prove to be pie worthy! Do not be bitter in the betrayal of these people, but allow the experience to make you a bit better each time!”

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